The focus on release 3.0 is not only to add the profitability functionality, but also to completely remove the need for users to reconfigure the template dashboards to their setup.

So instead of manually having to update each chart’s query to your specific needs, the new dashboard includes a drop-down list (populated with influx data at load time) that allows you to select which pool data to display. Based on the pool selection the relevant miners, crypto and currency are automatically selected.

All this works well, but there are a couple important points to make.

  1. the blockchain params, used to calculate future profitability, and price info are fetched from and If the mined crypto data is not published on those sites then the profitability calculations will fail.
  2. Previously miner hashrate was stored in whatever units the miner’s API provided e.g. Claymore in MH/s, xmd-stak in H/s. These discrepancies would have required some charts to be manually adjusted in order to provide accurate data e.g. future profitability, which depends on the rig’s hashrate. Therefore, in 3.0, and from now on, miner hashrate will be always stored in H/s. Because of this you need to make sure that the target hashrates units are correct for every rig defined in the config file.
  3. Some pools e.g. nanopool, MPOS pools report hashrates in KH/s or MH/s (also depending on the crypto) and because they provide no units it’s impossible for rig-monitor to know what the order of magnitude is. To overcome this problem, a new poolList line configuration parameter been introduced: “hashrate correction factor”.  If you are using one of those pools then make sure to set that param in the config file.