rig-monitor 4.0 installation instructions


  1. sqlite3 – This is required by grafana to store metadata. Installation instructions in grafana installation step
  2. Python 2.7 (optional). Only needed if you are planning to use the TP-Link HS110 smart-plugs
  3. influxDB 1.7
  4. Grafana 6.5.3

install influxDB

  • Download and installation instructions for version 1.7 are here
  • Configure influxDB. Edit /etc/influxdb/influx.conf file. Make sure the following options are set:
[http] section
enabled = true
bind-address = 8086
  • Login to influxDB using the influx client
  • Create and select rig-monitor DB
create database rigdata
use rigdata
  • Create user and grant permissions to grafana user
create user grafana with password 'grafana'
grant all privileges to grafana

install Grafana

  • Download Grafana and installation instructions here.
  • Install grafana.
  • Configure grafana. Edit /etc/grafana/grafana.ini file. Make sure the following options are set:
    • [database] section
      type = sqlite3
      admin_user = admin
      admin_password = admin
      [auth.basic] section
      enabled = true
  • Setup grafana datasource:
    • Name: rigdata
    • UTR: http://localhost:8086
    • Access: Server
    • Database: rigdata
    • User: grafana
    • Password: grafana

install rig-monitor

Download the latest version from here

Each package includes the following files:

  • grm/conf/config.toml – rig-monitor configuration file
  • grm/grm-<version> – rig-monitor executable
  • grm/external/tplink.py – external script for polling TP-link HS110 smart plugs
  • grm/dashboards/Mining Overview.json – Dashboard

import Grafana dashboard

Login to Grafana, hover over the “plus” (+) sign on the left vertical bar and select import.

Click on the “Upload json File” and load the Mining Overview Dashboard 3.0 – <time stamp>.json file stored in under the grm/dashboards dir.

basic configuration

Before running rig-monitor you must configure the following sections of the config.toml file:

  1. Grafana settings under [grafana] section. See configuration file for details.
  2. influxDb setting under [influxDb] section. See configuration file for details.
  3. Profitability settings [profitability] section. See configuration file for details.
  4. Add pool configuration ([[pool]] section) and rig configuration ([[rig]] section). See configuration file for details.

adjusting currency in market chart

If you are using a currency other that EUR then you should adjust the field name in the Market chart.

  1. Go the Grafana and edit the Market chart
  2. Change the filed names for both currency quote and market cap queries e.g. for USD you’d change the fields to price_usd and market_cap_usd respectively

advanced configuration

  1. Configure Rig Reset Triggers
  2. Configure SSH or Team Viewer Launch from Grafana Dashboard
  3. Configure Grafana Alerts via Telegram
  4. Running rig-monitor in a Private Network and Accessing it from the Internet

troubleshooting and support

For troubleshooting and support check here.

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