The shell scripted (1.2) version of rig-monitor is no longer supported nor maintained. Version 2.0 – written in Golang has been released and includes many improvements. Installation instructions for version 1.2 are still available here and blog post about the re-write decision here. The latest version (1.2) of rig-monitor adds the following features: Support for claymore single and dual mining mode Integration with ethermine pool (currentStats, payouts) API Integration with MPOS-based pools (e.g. miningpoolhib) pool (getdashboarddata) API Integration with nanopool API (generalinfo, payments). Supports all crypto pools (ETH, ETC, SIA, PASC, XMR and ZEC) Integration with coinmarketcap API for monitoring crypo prices in different quote currencies, trading volume and market cap. Supports conversion to different quote currencies. Revised template dashboards[…]