rig-monitor is a free monitoring tool for rigs, pools, smart plugs and market data.


What’s new in version 3.2:

  • Support for cgminer
  • Support for XMRig (tested with 2.7.1-beta)
  • Support for Yiimp API (and extended API e.g. Unimining)
  • Telegram notifications support to grm. Power Rule Manager will send notifications to telegram every time a rig is rebooted.
  • Extended support for reloading configuration params during runtime. All params, except telegram, are updated during runtime.
  • Major code refactoring to reduce executable size and memory footprint
  • Fixed profit calculation errors by adding retying strategy to whattomine.com connections
  • Fixed issue with xmr-stak not recording gpu hashrate to “hr” field in miner_gpu table
  • Fixed issue with Dynu DNS updater only updating once during runtime


Complete feature list:

  • Single executable for monitoring pools, rigs, power and market data with support for logging, tracing
  • Single, consolidated mining dashboard with drop-down menu to select pool, including mining rig metrics, environment metrics (temperature, fan, power usage), market, revenue and profitably charts, etc…
  • Ability to pool thousands of rigs and dozens of pools simultaneously
  • miner support
    • Claymore single/dual-mining (tested v11.6)
    • Cgminer
    • Xmr-stak (tested v2.4.2)
    • Sgminer (tested v5.5.5)
    • SRBMiner
    • XMRig miner
    • XMRig-proxy (tested v5.5.5)
    • PhoenixMiner (tested v2.9e)
    • CastXmr
    • Bminer
    • EWBF
    • Ethminer
  • pool support
    • Nanopool (all coins)
    • Ethpool, Ethermine & Flypool (all coins)
    • Mpos based pools e.g. miningpoolhub.com (all coins)
    • Nodejs-pool based pools e.g. hashvaultpro.com (all coins)
    • Fairpool
    • Suprnova pools
    • Cryptoknight pools
    • Yiimp pools
  • power monitoring using smartplugs
    • TP-Link HS110 v1.0 and v2.0 hardware
    • Wemo Insight
  • power management rules enable users to trigger rig reset via smart plugs or external script in case a given KPI limit is crossed
    • TP-Link HS110 v1.0 and v2.0 hardware
    • Wemo Insight
    • Revive devices
    • User-defined scripts
  • Market data monitoring
    • Coinmarketcap.com
    • Whattomine.com
  • Data storage using influxDB
  • Cross-platform support
    • raspberry Pi 1 Model B/ARMv6
    • raspberry Pi 2/3/ARMv7
    • linux/x86-64
    • macOS/x86-64
    • windows/i386
    • windows/x86-64
  • Launch remote management applications like ssh or Team Viewer from Grafana
  • Custom config file replaced with toml-based config file
  • Automatic reload of rig, pool and power management rules in case of configuration file changes, during runtime
  • Notifications via Telegram


If you’d like other miners/pools/APIs to be supported then please submit a feature request on github.


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